1. Sponge

You can choose either from vanilla, chocolate, nutty or carrot cake variation.


The filling is made on mascarpone base, I use this cream to cover/fill the entire cake, sometimes leaving the sides visible. This is so-called the "ombre cake." Between each layer is a fresh fruit or homemade orange or lemon curd.

Please note: This is not classic buttercream.

3. Something on top

The top of the cake can be selected by the customer. It can be quality chocolate ganache or salted caramel drip. The cake can be decorated with fresh fruit, macarons, chocolate, live flowers, chocolate name or numbers. 

Flowers like: e.g. Roses is extra charge

More then 1 macaron is £1 extra each

Happy Birthday sign is £2.50 extra

4. Price

Price is individual depending on the size and tries of cake The price is included with chocolate/caramel drip, small edible flowers (not e.g. roses), fruit and 1 macaron.

5. Sizes and Prices

1 Tier Cake

7 inch - round cake 10-12 portions £50-£55

8 inch - round cake 16 -18 portions £60-£65

9 inch - round cake 25 - 30 portions £85-£90

2 Tier Cake

medium size of 10 inch & 7 inch round cakes 45 portions from £160

6. Variations

- chocolate flavour with banana filling, roasted hazelnuts, caramel sauce and caramel/chocolate drip

- chocolate flavour with summer fruit filling and chocolate drip

- vanilla flavour with summer fruit filling and chocolate drip

- chocolate with homemade lemon curd with blueberry or raspberry filling and chocolate drip

- raspberry - strawberry flavour with summer fruit filling and chocolate drip

- raspberry flavour with roasted hazelnuts and chocolate drip

- carrot cake with homemade orange curd and fresh orange juice


I am not using fondant!

Cheltenham, UK

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